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Our Story

A journey carved for your solution...

The idea of Fligital started taking shape with innumerable conversations with friends from the Transport and Logistics industry.

The operational issues faced by them and their teams sprung up a need for an end to end system to standardise data management, optimize operations and free up time to concentrate on core tasks.

We realised that these were the common issues faced by other fleet managers too so decided to innovate and come up with valuable solutions

It started with a need to help friends which gave way to a solution - Fligital, a Digital fleet Management System.

Our Ideology


We envision being success partners to all our clients through collaboration and continuous improvement driven by the passion, integrity and teamwork of our people.


Our goal is to enable our customers to focus on their mission, minus the operational hassles, save cost, reduce dependency thereby bridging the gap between all stakeholders.

Team Structure

Small, multi-disciplinary, data experts, analyst gets it together for you.


"We are not afraid of Failure, we are afraid of not taking risks & making the world a better place to live in"

- Praveen Pottipati, Founder

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